Consulting and Interim Management

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We can help educate you and your employees so that they can serve the clients and company better:

  • We provide corporate education in business communication, cultural relations, and management.
  • We also offer courses on office software (Microsoft Office® Word™, Excel™, PowerPoint™, Access™, StarOffice, and more).
  • We will teach you the basics of web design: HTML and CSS.
  • We provide quick courses on CSS and web design, as well as software development in Microsoft Visual Studio.

We offer professional analyses of insurance contracts and agreements in English, Slovak, Czech, Russian and Armenian.

Text Proofing and Proofreading

If you have a publication or a longer piece of text, why burden your internal staff?  Whether it is a dissertation thesis, a booklet, an advertisement or a website, send it to us and we will check it for spelling, syntax, and even logical errors for you.  We can currently examine texts in English, Slovak, Czech, Russian and Armenian.  Send your content our way and we will send it back to you flawless and shiny.

We are sometimes able to provide the same service for French and German texts, so please do not hesitate to ask us.

Interim Management

Contact us if you want to find out more about interim management in central Europe.

Do you have extensive experience as a manager in procurement, operations, human resources, or another field?  Are you looking for a career as an interim manager?  Let us know and we will give you guidance and/or help you find a placement in a company.


Using the resources of our design team, we can create for you corporate branding of any sort, ranging from a logo, to a website, from a pamphlet or booklet to a sophisticated mix of presentation materials, etc.