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How to use the article spinner?

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Produce this many spun copies as HTML in a single ZIP file:

The default syntax for our article spinner is {option1~option2}.  The spinner supports as many levels as you want.  We are planning to introduce custom spinning syntax soon, so that you can re-use your existing code.

If you would like to see an example, click here (your article will be overwritten) and then press Spin!

This article spinner is optimized to work well with HTML tags, so that you can easily implement formatting into your spins and create full-featured HTML documents.  Therefore, whitespaces do not matter and any formatting should be done via HTML tags, such as <br/> or <p></p>. You may use <a></a> links and any other HTML just as easily.

The article spinner provides opening and closing <html> and <body> tags for you automatically.

Let us know about your experiences with the Free Article Spinner and help us make it better for you!

Zip functionality of this project is powered by the amazing DotNetZip libraries for managed code.