Web Design

Site Types

  • Social Networking Site

    TalkIN.EU™ Thumbnail

    TalkIN.EU™ is the home for a community of foreign language native speakers in Slovakia. Say Hello to TalkIN.EU™.

  • Business Presentation: Industrial Production

    Elkonet.sk Thumbnail

    Elkonet is a leading vendor of industrial electrical installations and steel constructions in Slovakia. Learn more about their experience and portfolio here.

  • Business Presentation: Events Organization

    ElegantEvents.sk Thumbnail

    This is the old design of the company website. New design for the professional event organizers coming soon.

  • Personal or Business Blog

    Blog.Scribz.net Thumbnail

    Read about interesting programming techniques on the technological blog of Scribz.net™.

  • Artist's Portfolio

    KimberlyDavid.com Thumbnail

    Visit Kimberly David's artist site and learn about the artist and her inspiration. Order prints and get in touch if you find the art interesting.

  • Web Application

    Scribz.net™ Thumbnail

    Scribz.net™ is an Online Notepad that makes taking and storing notes online a breeze. You will never forget anything when your information is a click away.

  • Interactive Community Site

    Maturita.Scribz.net Thumbnail

    Visit the simple Maturita site where students may share their preparation notes for the high-school graduation exam. Highly focused, practical, and very popular.

  • Mobile-optimized Site

    Scribz.net Mobile Thumbnail

    Open Scribz.net™ in a mobile browser (on your phone) to see how a single site can cater to both form factors. All achieved via the art of styling and minimal programming logic.

Web Design & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We design and implement active and passive standards compliant websites for your family or your business.

Feeling inspired?  Visit Kimberly David and check out her art of painting and drawing running on our art of web design and development.

We will gladly help you rework your old website and give it a fresh new look and content.

Accept Credit Card Payments and PayPal

Do you want to sell goods online and accept PayPal payments? Do you want your system to process transactions automatically, with minimal maintenance and upkeep? Let us know and we will make it work for you quickly and efficiently. Sell software online and track your transactions easily with our low-cost (yet sturdy) solutions.

TalkIN.EU™ contains a working implementation of our PayPal processing system that allows language tutor enrollment to be completely automated.

Search Engine Optimization

We will optimize your site to attract more traffic, rank better and consistently in search engines, and please your visitors and customers.

Branding and Logos

Our design team will happily create for you all kinds of corporate branding:

  • logos,
  • websites for company presentation,
  • pamphlets and booklets,
  • a sophisticated mix of presentation materials,
  • color shemes, or
  • artist's portfolios.

User Interface Audits and Accessibility

To make their visitors happy in the competitive environment, websites must excel not only at content, but also at providing seamless and enjoyable user experience.  We will help you examine and test the application flow for product ordering, user settings, and overall usability.  Serve your visitors great content which is also a breeze to navigate, easily accessible and thoroughly enjoyable.

In addition to the visual accessibility for regular users, we will help you optimize your site for visually impaired visitors, for lack of CSS support (text browsers), and for mobile devices.

Web Applications and Database Services

In addition to simple informational websites, we design powerful, data-driven applications and web services for data sotrage, remote access, complete with user accounts and accessible from your desktop as well as your mobile device.

Power is in simplicity.  Sign up for Scribz.net™, our online notepad and see how a simple web-based application can help you with an everyday task.